Mary Kaun-English


22nd & 23rd September 2019

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Mary Kaun English lives in rural Cornwall with her partner Martyn Perryman a landscape oil painter and their two dogs.

She was born and raised in Southern California where her passion for nature and all things tactile began from an early age. Living in the then undeveloped San Rafael foothills, she was allowed to explore this distinctive landscape, being conscience of the natural spirt and the organic materials around her.

Her current work connects the physicality of ceramics with the ephemerality of the human state, using the sustainable process of pit-firing. These open-air firings occur at her studio or more frequently on the nearby beach, exposing the porous clay to the smoke given off by the organic materials used in the fire. The result are unique evocative sculptures and vessels.



Mary Kaun-English

“My intention, in both the process of creating the work and the work itself, is to combine bodily and earthly components with ethereal and spiritual elements in a sustainable process”.